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(Above) Ashley photographing a surgery for Veterinary Specialty Hospital’s Website & Brochures

In addition to portraits,  Ashley DuChene also specializes in commercial photography focused on children, animals, health & fitness, and business branding.

She’s done projects for various businesses ranging from non-profits, animal hospitals, and local farms to large corporations.  Past projects have included a mix of photojournalistic coverage as well as more styled images used for brochures, websites, and advertising. She’s also done various art installations in shops, clinics, and offices.

Commercial photography clients include;

Kashi Foods. Coldwell Banker.Veterinary Specialty Hospital.Timeless Laser Clinic. Microsoft B.I.N.G. (Photo Editing/Image Acquisition). National Junior League and San Diego Junior League. Angels Foster Family Network. The Honest Kitchen. Bodhi Animal Hospital. Del Mar School District. The New Children’s Museum of San Diego. Ubuntu Salon. Downtown Fitness San Diego. Republic Training Center. Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development. New Century Spine Centers. Muscular Balance. Suzie’s Farms. Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center. Photographer’s Toolkit. Loma Portal Foundation. Kids First at Sunset View.


Check out some images in action on these client websites: